More than a centerpiece

Talkin' turkey: That bird on a holiday dinner table doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. This is one to be admired for more than just good taste. (More)

Birds gone bald!

Seen anything odd at your feeders lately? Are you scratching your head over some weird bald heads? Sometimes Blue Jays and Cardinals molt feathers in a most conspicuous way. (More)

Build a brush pile

As you tidy up your yard this fall, consider starting a brush pile. Easy to build, just follow our tips. Provide cover, shelter, den space and more for wildlife. (More)

Who loves a pine?

If you love love love pines, raise your paw! This group of three squirrel species surely would. Their lives are wrapped around pines. They live among them, in them and eat them. (More)

World’s smartest birds

If someone calls you a birdbrain, consider it a compliment. These birds are smarter than apes in some tests, and some live right in your own yard. (More)

Trees for wildlife

Wildlife make use of trees from top to bottom, but they aren’t all equal in value. See our list of best trees for wildlife, from large to small. Buying tips, too. (More)

Prepping for winter

An important work in fall is getting our yards ready for winter. If you're new to gardening for wildlife, here are some helpful tips. (More)

Plants for hummingbirds

Hummingbirds charm us with their tiny size, quick, hovering movements and fearlessness. We can bring them up close by planting their favorite flowers. (More)

‘I am Orange Band’

The sad saga of the Dusky Seaside Sparrow is a story of human actions killing off an entire species. And why sharing our yards with wildlife is so important. (More)

Tree baffles to baffle squirrels

Isn't it enough we must battle squirrels over control of our feeders? Our trees aren't safe, either! Baffled about how to stop them? We show you DIY with a plastic bucket. Eezy peezy! (More)

Wildlife and rabies: the facts

Is this opossum dangerous? Rabid even? Nah, it's all for show. They bite only if threatened. They like to look scary, but they're actually mild-mannered and never have rabies. Rabies is rare even among susceptible animals. (More)

Is your yard a flyby?

Love watching birds? Wish they would visit your yard more often? Turn it into a haven they'll fly to and stay. Turn your yard into a fly-in and watch them full time! Here's how to do it. (More)