Site Credits/Terms of use

Many, many thanks to all the generous people who donate their art, images, and videos under Creative Commons or Public Domain licenses for other people and sites, such as Welcome Wildlife, to use, build upon, and share.

The works of these artists are available through their websites, as well as such sources as Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay, and others. We’ve used tons of their photos on our site and are greatly in their debt, but they ask nothing in return except credit for their work. Paying forward this same spirit of sharing, we allow our own (WW) photos to be used, too, under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. 

About Creative Commons Licenses

You’re free to grab any Creative Commons-licensed media. First, though, take note of its license. Not familiar with CC licenses? There are several, each a little different from the others. Here’s what they basically require: You must attribute the photo to its photographer and be willing to share it under the same license. In some cases, you may alter the image. Sometimes images are restricted to non-commercial use (NC). That means, for example, don’t print a “CC BY-NC” image you plan to sell, even on a coffee cup. Please be respectful of the owners’ conditions for use. Here’s a list of the various Creative Commons licenses

Copyrighted images

There are also copyrighted images on our site. We have either purchased them or have special permission to use them, so we can legally share them. Contact us if you’re interested in a copyrighted image, and explain your intended use. We’ll share what we can or put you in touch with the photographer, if possible.

General content

The articles on this site are copyrighted to You have permission to use them for online educational purposes. If you have other intentions, please contact us for permission.

Miscellaneous and factual errors

We try to be as mistake-free as possible. If you find any problems—broken links, grammar, formatting glitches, etc.—we’d like to know about them. If you spot a factual error, we hope you’ll let us know about that, too—we strive to be as accurate as possible. Thank you!

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