Bird species, where to hang their birdhouses


Seventy or more species of birds are known to nest in birdhouses, but no single birdhouse appeals to them all.¬†From a bird’s perspective, no matter how fancy and richly detailed it may be, a birdhouse, also called a nest box, appears to be just an opening in a tree. They’ll assess it for correct overall dimensions, the depth from the opening to the floor, the surrounding vegetation and its safety from predators. They’re particular about placement, too. Notice on the chart below that some birds want a birdhouse that’s only a few feet off the ground, while others require high-hanging birdhouses. The more exacting you are about placement, the better your chance of attracting the bird species you want.

Birdhouses chart 1Birdhouses chart 2Birdhouses chart 3Birdhouses chart 4

Sources: Cornell Lab of Ornithology;

*Top photo: Tree Swallow (skeeze / Pixabay; PD)