Birds and their favorite birdseeds


Just like people, birds have favorite foods. Here’s a list of birds that visit feeders and the seeds they like best. See this page for information about the right types of feeders to use for different kinds of birdseed.

( ) = Favorite seedsSunflower B=black S=striped C=chipsSafflowerMilletCorn C=cracked W=wholeThistleSuetPeanuts (hulled)
American GoldfinchB C(X)X
Blue JayB (S)XC(X)
Bluebird species(B) S CXXCXF
Brown ThrasherB CC X X (chips)
Carolina WrenCXX
Chickadee speciesB S CXXX (chips)
Common FlickerBX
Dark-eyed JuncoB (hulled)XXCXX (chips)
Dove speciesB CX(X)CX
Grosbeak species(B) S
House Finch(B) S CXCXX
Northern Cardinal(B) S CXXCX
Pine SiskenB (C)X(X)X
Purple Finch(B) SX
Pyrrhuloxia B CC
Red-breasted NuthatchB SX
Red-winged BlackbirdB CXC
Redpoll speciesB
Ruby-crowned Kinglet CXX (chips)
Sparrow speciesB CXCX
Stellar's JayB (S)
White-breasted Nuthatch(B) SXXX
Woodpecker speciesB SXCXX

*Top photo: Red-bellied Woodpecker, male. (© Carolyn Russell)

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