Snails: frequent questions


Where do snails live?
Snails live in such places as marshes, woodlands, pond margins and flower and vegetable gardens. They stay under leaves, mulch, rocks, logs, in cracks and crevices, and under flowerpots and other fixtures. Slugs (shell-less snails) can squeeze into spots that snails with shells cannot. Snails live where there’s moisture and darkness, except for some hardy species who live in semi-arid regions and survive by sleeping when weather conditions are dry, which is most of the time.

What’s with their slimy trail?
That’s a trail of mucus. It’s very slimy, harmless to touch, and critical for a snail. It comes from a gland at the front of their “foot” which lays a thin, slick layer for them to move on. The mucus also helps them to cling when they want to, by providing a suction. It helps insulate and protect their body from drying out — if they dry, they die.