Moving water delights wildlife


Moving water attracts more animals than still water. For that matter, don’t we humans also enjoy the sight and sound of moving water — a gurgling brook, water trickling in a fountain, or a waterfall? You can make water move in several ways.

Elaborate or plain, either way, animals find “noisy” water to their liking. The one below has both a bubbler and cascading water.

Image of three-tiered fountain with water bubbling in it.

(© MayBayButter / iStock)














Accessory bubblers are an alternative to birdbaths that have a built-in bubbler. They can be purchased separately in many styles, from fancy to simple, like the flat bubbler insert shown below. Just position it in the center of your birdbath. Many are solar-powered.

Image of birdbath with bubbling water.

Bubbling fountain. (Donaleen / Flickr; cc by 2.0)













Water Wiggler
Set one of these in the center of a birdbath to produce continuous, gentle ripples.

Image of a Water Wiggler, which makes water in birdbath wiggle.

Water Wiggler®. Sold by and others.












The sound of drops striking waters’ surface attracts animals. Many manufactured styles are available, but it can be as simple as an old milk jug with a small hole. Position it above a birdbath to catch the droplets.

Image of Universal Dripper, used in birdbaths.

Universal Dripper. (Sold by and others.)















Misters deliver a fine mist, which is preferred by birds that don’t like stepping into water. Aim it toward foliage; some birds like to “bathe” in wet leaves. Or, position it above a birdbath to catch falling droplets. Or, both!

Image of the Super Easy Water Mister product.

Super Easy Water Mister. (Sold by Duncraft and others.)




*Top photo: Starlings enjoying a bubbling fountain (NatGLN / Wiki; cc by 2.0)