Sample landscape designs


Landscape designs are available and free on numerous web sites. Even if the designs don’t fit your needs exactly, they’ll give you ideas. Don’t let the size and complexity of a design discourage you. Your backyard wildlife habitat can be as simple as you want.

The following designs call for the use of plants, mostly natives, that are beneficial to wildlife as either food, nesting or shelter. You’ll notice each plan calls for species suited to a particular region of the U.S. Many of the plants will grow well in other regions, too, so just research the hardiness zone and growing requirements for plants that interest you. Your County Extension Office will have lists of wildlife-friendly species suitable for your locale, as well as landscaping ideas.

Be sure to choose plants that flower at differing times through the season so there will be continuous provisions for wildlife. Keep in mind the mature size of plants and space them accordingly. Follow the links on the left side of this page to see more plans.

Northwest: Plan for dry, sunny location
This design is by King County, Washington Information and Services. You’ll find more of their plans here. A very cool feature on their site: Click on any plant symbol to bring up information about that species.

(King County, Washington; PD)

Plants for Northwest design

 West: Xeriscape plan for dry, sunny location
Xeriscape plants are drought-tolerant once established, requiring little to no supplemental irrigation. You’ll find more xeriscape plans for the West here.

(Sarah Delaloye / Denver Water Department; PD)

Xeriscape plants for dry, sunny location ¹Introduced species, ²hybrid variety, ³non-native. Consider swapping non-native and hybrid plants for native varieties.

Midwest: Plans for dry, sunny location

(Sedgwick County, Kansas Extension Service)

Midwest sunny dry plant list